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Bring your Bitcoin to the beach pushing innovation in the Bitcoin ecosystem with a modern and convenient payment experience that executes natively on the Bitcoin Lightning network. Compatible with the open and permissionless BoltCard protocol.

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Bitcoin Lightning NFC Payments

The BoltRing is based on an open source permissionless protocol.

The BoltRing is the first programmable Bitcoin DIY contactless payment ring that brings the tap-to-pay experience to Bitcoin Lightning. The choice is yours! You can use the BoltRing with your own Bitcoin Lightning node using the Bolt Card Wallet or a commercial service provider such as CoinCorner.

Pay with Style

The Bitcoin BoltRing is made of high-quality ceramic. It is water, dust and scratch resistant. Beautiful but still modest in its design, only the inside engravings reveal its true power.

Your BoltRing is delivered in a hand made wooden casket bedded in shredded euros :).

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Bitcoin Ring represents the next evolution of digital payments, merging NFC technology with Lightning Network efficiency.

Support Bitcoin Adoption

We will donate a Bitcoinize Point of Sale Machine to a merchant that is willing to accept Bitcoin for every 10 BoltRings we sell!

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