Bitcoin at your fingertips.

The first ever Bitcoin Lightning Contactless NFC Payment Ring.

BoltRing on Stone

Contactless Payments.

Bring your Bitcoin to the beach. Pushing innovation in the Bitcoin ecosystem with a modern and convenient payment experience that executes natively on the Bitcoin Lightning network. Compatible with the BoltCard –

“Bitcoin is the most significant technological innovation of our time. It enables people to transact with each other directly, securely, and without barriers.”

Orange Pilling.

Always be ready for some orange-pilling. Demonstrating a lightning payment with the Bitcoin BoltRing is a perfect conversation starter with no-coiners :).

BoltRing Packaging

Pay with Style.

The Bitcoin BoltRing is made of high-quality ceramic. It is water, dust and scratch resistant.. Beautiful but still modest in its design, only the inside engravings reveal its true power.


Why would I spend any of my Bitcoin?

Because it would be boring to sit on your Bitcoin all day long. Spend and replace 2x is the way. Idealy you don’t even hold any other currency you could spend. Right? Riiiight?

Who is the BoltRing for?

The Bitcoin BoltRing v1 is targeting makers, early adopters and Bitcoiners, willing to recklessly risk their Satoshis in the name of progress 🙂

How does the BoltRing work?

The ring must be paired with a bolt service. Once set-up it generates unique and encrypted LNURL LUD-17 links with replay protection. Merchants with NFC support at their Point-of-Sales can read the ring and do a limited one time withdraw from your connected lightning wallet.

Which software is supported?

The BoltRing has been tested with Breeze POS, BTCPay PoS and LNBITS TPoS. More support within the ecosystem is on its way.

Become part of Bitcoin history and be one of the first owners of the Bitcoin BoltRing.